Chocolate tour in Tuscany

This tour into the world of chocolate begins with a trip to the northern part of Tuscany, in the so-called “Tuscan Chocolate Triangle”, where some of the most famous chocolatiers in Italy produce their outstanding masterpieces. Your visit will take you to authentic chocolate boutiques, where you will step in to the very …Continue Reading →

Architect of wine

Italy has long earned a worldwide reputation for its wines, a variety of which are the envy of any country. Millions of fans of Italian wine visit local wineries every year, where they can try their favorite Chianti, Brunello, Barolo, and more, right on the spot of production and buy precious bottles at more attractive prices than …Continue Reading →

Taste Italian regions

Italy is famous for its diversity of not only the landscapes but also for its gastronomic specialties. From sunny Sicily to the snowy Alps, each region, and even the tiniest manufacturing provinces, distinguish themselves for their unique and specific products and cooking traditions, typical to only their own local dishes. …Continue Reading →


Not all travelers know that the south-western part of Tuscany has its own special name – Maremma. This is an extensive and unspoiled land which has retained its true spirit, with a vast cultural and historical heritage, rich and strong origins in its tastes and odors, offering unforgettable landscapes and panoramas. A …Continue Reading →

Turin, the city of chocolate

If you were to ask any Italian what is the chocolate city of Italy, they would not hesitate with their united response: Turin. It was here where gianduiotti, cremins, and truffles were made famous, here where you will find the largest concentration of world-class manufacturers of chocolate, and it is here …Continue Reading →

Black Magic Chocolate tours

Unique tours for chocolate lovers, “food of the gods” as this refined product was deservedly called when introduced into Europe by no other than the great Christopher Columbus. GLESUS invites you to plunge into a world of intense aromas and captivating flavors where your journey will be a pleasure for all five …Continue Reading →

Umbria “mini” 4 days / 3 nights

This gastronomic tour in Umbria includes accommodations in the fascinating town of Norcia, one of the most beautiful small towns in Italy. The ancient city of Norcia is known in particular for the fact that Benedict of Norcia, the first Christian monk and founder of the Benedictine Order, was born here. But the …Continue Reading →

Umbria “maxi” 7 days / 6 nights

This 7-day gastronomic program of Umbria is a longer version of the “mini”, 4-day tour and includes a stay in Norcia, after which we invite you to spend a few days in another part of Umbria, in order to see how, even within the same region, the production of products and recipes of local dishes varies from one area to …Continue Reading →

Gastronomic tours of Umbria

Umbria is Italy‚Äôs green heart, the center of positive-energy for the soul. Here in this spectacular setting, often neglect by tourists, one is sure to find the most natural balsam simply by plunging into its particular and uniquely relaxing atmosphere, a perfect place to disconnect from everyday high-speed life; …Continue Reading →

Our famous Wine Tours

Italy – the birthplace of Brunello, Barolo, Amarone. Where else but in Italy could tasty Limoncello, or sparkling Prosecco be produced?! No visit to Italy would be complete without enjoying these not-to-be-missed Italian delights which you will certainly not want to pass up! Italian wines are, of course, …Continue Reading →