Corporate events are the ideal means of gathering your employees in an pleasant and informal atmosphere. Commemorating the anniversary of your company or other important corporate events such as the successful completion of a major project, receiving a prestigious award, or simply celebrating the New Year together, the final dinner of a corporate trip entails holding a gala dinner. An excellent format for product launches or summing up the competition for the best sales result, you will want to hold your company celebration in a memorable setting, with an unique and impact-filled program: essential elements for a successful event, able to dazzle your staff, clients and guests. And GLESUS has an abundance of original, creative ideas perfect for giving your event a true WOW- effect!

GLESUS, whose trademark is creativity, will customize your event, making it an original and spectacular, one-of-a-kind event. From the selection of the venue to the development of the event theme, we will offer you a finished product, brilliantly organized in its entirety and created individually for your company. From the creation of invitations, decorations, lighting, to catering, entertainment program and the selection of gifts for the participants – every detail will be given the utmost care. And, throughout the evening, the staff of GLESUS will be on hand to monitor every stage of the event, ensuring its unparalleled success. Rely on GLESUS, professionals in the Event-industry!