Italy – a fairytale land which never ceases to amaze and delight not only travelers but also the Italians themselves. There is perhaps no other country in the world which can boast such a vast cultural and historical heritage, rich tradition, an unending variety of landscapes. Italy has something unique to offer every traveler and never leaves its visitors indifferent.

Each of Italy’s 20 regions is unique and deserves special attention. We can offer you a vast selection of itineraries and excursions to an endless variety of cities and historically important sites. It is well noted that Italians are very attentive in the observance of their traditions and folklore. Many cities and small towns still hold vibrant festivals associated with medieval or religious customs where persons, dressed in colorful folkloristic costumes, form a procession guaranteed to transport you back in time, creating a fascinatingly surreal atmosphere. The tour “In the Wake of Italian Tradition”, which we will be delighted to arrange for you, promises all this and more.

Italy is an amazing and unique country: surrounded by four different seas washing its shores, offering lovers of beach and marine recreation a nearly limitless selection of destination. The upper part of northern Italy, crowned by the Italian Alps, is the preferred destination of skiers of every level. A former volcanic zone, Italy is blessed with natural thermal springs throughout its territory. Southern Italy, the jewel of the Mediterranean, offers sensational panoramas and incomparable traditions and cordiality. World history has its roots in ancient Rome; giving birth to Europe, with protagonist Julius Caesar, whose exploits we read even today in school textbooks. The most famous artistic masterpieces, whether paintings, sculptures and architecture s as well as opera and literature, were created by Italian craftsmen, artists and composers. Today, the modern masters – couturier and designer – continue this tradition with their incomparable Italian fashion designs and famous shoe styles, popular throughout the world. One can with an endless list of things which make Italy one of a kind, not only worthy of a visit but guaranteed to win the affection of even the most skeptical traveler. It is no surprise that “Made in Italy” has become a household word, representing this country like no other place in the world; these three words alone symbolizing a mouth-watering mix of sunshine, sea, smiles, elegance, beauty and a concept of enjoying life which cannot help but be associated with Italy. You, too can find your Italy, and we are here to help you make this joyous journey to which ever part of this spectacular country you are most attracted.

Your vacation, arranged by us, will permit you to visit the most important museums in Italy without having to wait in the long queues; you may choose the most convenient hour for your entrance. We will organize visits to places off the beaten track, hidden and not normally accessible to the traveling public; we will arrange gatherings with representatives of the oldest noble families in their historic residences. We will introduce you to local artisans who will create, exclusively for you, the objects and items you desire, and we will take you on an extravagant shopping tour with our expert consultants who know where to go in order to make the best purchases of designer items and stylist pieces at the lowest prices. Whether your dream is to take a flight on a hot-air balloon flight, go hunting for truffles, take an evening ride on a gondola , or have a private gladiator lesson, all you need to do is express your wish, and we will make it yours.

Visit Italy and you will see just how great and limitless this eternal country is. GLESUS will make it all come true for you!

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