Of the many symbols associated with Venice – gondolas, famous squares and bridges connecting unending canals, everyone has seen the elaborate masks adorned by Venetian carnival-goers, but not many know that in Venice the wearing of these masks is a centuries-old custom, once used by nobles as well as by everyday persons, often as a charming tool of seduction!

GLESUS will introduce you to a magical world, where you may take part in the creation of masks which belong to this folkloristic tradition, in a special Venetian mask decorating course, designed for groups of all types and ages, regardless of artistic inclinations, where you will be taught the secrets, step-by-step, of this ancient craft.

Our most popular course takes place in a laboratory workshop where, along with other participants, you will be welcomed and shown masks of various types, sizes and shapes. Groups of 10 or more persons will be given their own private workroom with an exclusive instructor who will being by explaining the origins of mask-wearing: when and where masks began to be used and for what purposes; they will then demonstrate the various phases and techniques used in the production of masks. You will be able to see actual mask-designers at work, and be given an explanation of the models and the materials used for their creation. At this point you will be ready to choose your own papier-mâché mask to decorated it as you like, free to express yourself creatively, using the colors and decorative accents which most inspire you. Of course, your mask will be yours to take home – or to wear!

The mask-decorating courses are individually tailored to suit the level and needs of your particular group: from technically in-depth courses for adult participants who wish to construct the base of the mask themselves, to fun and entertaining yet instructive and educational classes for younger participants.