Among towers and lavender fields

Tuscany is the most famous and popular region of Italy. It offers inexpressible charm to all those who for one reason or another find themselves among its picturesque yellow-green hills lined neatly with paths of cypress, or among its vast fields dotted with sunflowers and sun-red poppies. Amidst this natural …Continue Reading →

“Caesar’s guests” Tour in Rome

All roads lead to Rome, and your way sooner or later inevitably passes through the Eternal City. Textbooks tell us about the great campaigns of Caesar, of geese who saved Rome, of the construction of the Colosseum, and of the greatness of the Roman Empire, which managed to conquer nearly the …Continue Reading →

Group Travel with children

For several years now, GLESUS has successfully organized group theme tours in Italy, featuring locations and activities especially geared towards families and their children. Each year we host week-long tours, with well-established itineraries and activities, for example, two different types of programs with …Continue Reading →

Holidays with children

Our children – our little treasures! All parents will agree that the success of a trip is directly related to the child’s comfort and happiness.  We want children to be cheerful and laughing, to open their eyes with surprise and delight in the morning, and happily -even if sleepily – drifting into a contended sleep in the evening, …Continue Reading →

Hot Air Balloon Flights

If you are adventurous and seeking new and unique emotions guaranteed to make your adrenalin flow, the magic of a flight in a hot air balloon is definitely for you! A thrilling way to experience a sensation of weightlessness as the land gradually moves away from under your feet, raising you into the atmosphere, …Continue Reading →

Laboratories for children

While visiting Italy, your children will be happy listening not only to interesting stories and exploring new places, but will be challenged and fascinated by being able to have a hands-on opportunity to put themselves to the test, to better themselves by trying something new, unusual, and typically Italian, which they will be …Continue Reading →

Journey into the world of smells

All of our lives are filled with scents. Many of these are able to provide special, lasting impressions remaining in our memories and able to evoke pleasant images from the past, full of emotion. We would like to offer you a journey into such a world, full of tantalizing scents created by a skilled perfumer in Florence. …Continue Reading →

Roman Holiday on a Vintage Vespa

We all love the modernity of today’s world, but who wouldn’t love to step back, even just for a day, into the romantic ‘50’s ? You can do exactly this by seeing Rome from the seat of a Vintage Vespa, in the care of expert drivers so you can just relax and enjoy the ride! The same motor scooter driven by Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn  …Continue Reading →


For fans of forest walks who wish to see firsthand where truffles grow and how they are hunted, GLESUS organizes a hunting excursion for this valuable mushroom—deemed the most costly food in the world. Truffles do not grow like normal mushrooms; they grow under the ground and for this reason need to be hunted …Continue Reading →


Of the many symbols associated with Venice – gondolas, famous squares and bridges connecting unending canals, everyone has seen the elaborate masks adorned by Venetian carnival-goers, but not many know that in Venice the wearing of these masks is a centuries-old custom, once used by nobles as …Continue Reading →