Journey into the world of smells

All of our lives are filled with scents. Many of these are able to provide special, lasting impressions remaining in our memories and able to evoke pleasant images from the past, full of emotion. We would like to offer you a journey into such a world, full of tantalizing scents created by a skilled perfumer in Florence. You will find yourself in this laboratory of the alchemist, exactly as if emerged from a film about the Medici dynasty, set amongst antique cabinets filled with tiny bottles with strange names and magical essences.

Upon your request we can offer you two options of this immersion into the world of perfume: One of these is the creation of your exclusive scent with the sampling of various essences. Perfume sampling lasts approximately one hour, during which time you will learn which essences are suitable for which particular skin types, as well as how to choose a fragrance, and which perfumes are appropriate to use a which times. Following this you will the be able to sample several essences or perfumes, suggested by the expert perfumer who, after speaking with you, will know how to select the best fragrance for you. At the end of the visit you will receive a perfume souvenir.

If you desire, you may wish to have your own, personalized perfume created especially for you, in a one-of-a-kind and unique mixture of essences. To do this you will need roughly two hours, during which time the perfumer will ask you to speak a bit about yourself, your tastes, your hobbies, what you like and what you dislike. From this information he will be able to form an accurate concept of the odors with which you have a positive association, and by selecting several of these, you will then begin to choose the essences based upon your associations with a particular smell. Your personalized perfume will be created by your working together with the perfumer, the result of which will be a unique and personalized essence which will fit you like a magic glove, capable of giving you an immediate sense of your uniqueness. There are no restrictions on the number of essences which may be mixed for you. The fragrances are created in a volume of 100 ml, and then transferred into a perfume vial and presented in a special wooden box. The composition of the perfume will be entered into the perfumer’s database with your name, in order that you may, at any time, order it for home delivery.

These perfumes and fragrances may also be created for a special occasions. For example, a perfume for a wedding, created together with the newlyweds, to be opened on their wedding anniversary will evoke sweet memories of the special wedding day. Another possibility is to use your personalized essence as a basis for the creation of fragrant gifts for your guests. An entire perfume line is available for your home, which our perfumer will be happy to visit and meet your family for a more precise indication of which fragrances are best suited to your particular environment. Room aromatizers, candles, bathroom sets and toiletries may be created specifically for your home, to the delight of your guests.

Take a journey into the world of odors and you will discover an entire, unique universe.