Italian Cooking Lessons

After a full day of sight-seeing and excursions, the moment most travelers to Italy yearn for is that in which he or she can finally sit down to dinner and enjoy the unparalleled culinary delights Italy is famous for; plates which often wind up being photographed before being heartily devoured. But, once you return home and decide you want to recreate some of these marvelous dishes? Of course you can try a cookbook, or even a lesson from a television show, but, why settle for second best? Where else but in Italy are you guaranteed to learn how to create not only real, traditional recipes but also the secrets and techniques of their successful preparation?

Glesus can make yours a most unique theme vacation in Italy with culinary lessons, held by professional expert chefs, and personalized to suit any level of expertise and age; focused on the specialized area you are most interested in such as the preparation of fresh pasta, meats or fish, as well as pastries and sweets. Our expert Italian chefs will guide you in this hands-on culinary experience, held either in professional laboratories or in their professionally outfitted kitchens, assisting in every phase of preparation beginning with the selection of the freshest local produce, spices and other ingredients, the correct use of seasonings and condiments, the proper selection of cookware and utensils, and the all-important question of timing and cooking temperatures. Not to be overlooked is the presentation of the plate, and you will be the judge of its successful outcome, by savoring the tasty creations and enjoying their marvelous flavors!

Pack your bags and get ready to sharpen your culinary skills in the place best suited for learning: an Italian kitchen!