Cooking Course in Venice

The fascination of Venice lies in its romantic canals and famous squares, connected by enchanting bridges and historic, noble palaces adorning its waterfront. Having taken in the outer beauty of Venice, let GLESUS take you to an insider’s, hidden view of Venice, where you will have a hands-on experience in the behind-the-scenes preparation of Venetian culinary delights and dining traditions, that most visitors never get a glimpse of. GLESUS takes you on a complete culinary voyage, led by an Italian maestra who, for the past 25 years, has held courses and whose clientele includes many celebrities who have turned to her to learn from her unparalleled and multi-regional cooking expertise, combined with her genuine hospitality, which will be apparent to you from the first minute you meet her. You, and just a handful of others – a limited number of no more than 16 persons at a time, much more conducive to the learning experience – will be welcomed and, together with this delightful signora will first decide what to prepare: whether to base your course on pasta and first courses, fish or meats, brunch, light summer fare or finger food, sweets such as cakes, cookies and muffins, breads and rustic pizzas or even plates specific to any number of Italian regions.

Once you decide which type of menu to create, you will be taken with her to the open-air Rialto outdoor market, with its fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, meat, poultry and fish, brought in every morning before dawn and whose atmosphere is an indescribably colorful display of color and sound, with merchants shouting out the particular quality and advantage of their offerings, and passers-by – some on foot, others doing their grocery shopping without ever stepping foot off the gondola onto dry land – filling their bags with fresh produce and even flowers. You, too, will learn how to choose the exact ingredients which will go into your culinary creation.

From there you will be brought into the kitchen of her magnificent noble Venetian home, a palace located in the historical center of Venice. After tying on your aprons, you will begin the process of cutting, slicing, simmering and seasoning, with explanations at every step in order for you to understand not only the “how’s” but more importantly, “why’s”, fundamental for the creation of your culinary masterpiece; which will, of course, be then served for lunch, to be tasted and commented on…another phase of learning! Your lunch will be served not just in any ordinary dining room but in the elegant hall of this noble palace, brimming with period furnishings and artwork, just the touch of class to make your cooking course an unforgettable venture combining quality, technique, style and taste!

Participants will be given a diploma, attesting to their having completed the cooking course as well as a keepsake booklet with the recipe of the specialties prepared during the course.