Mosaic Workshop in Rome

Adorning Roman Domus villas, important palaces, thermal spas and fountains, elaborate pavement decoration featuring mythological figures and Greek divinity, animals and even scenes from daily life, mosaics are the Roman art par excellence. Right here in Rome, GLESUS will introduce you to this marvelous art with a delightful mosaic workshop where you will be taught how to cut the tiny colorful tiles made of glass or marble and apply them onto a base in order to create and design your very own mosaic.

The workshops, open to individuals as well as to groups, are designed to suit different abilities and ages: a basic course for children using materials and easy to utilize techniques, all under the constant guidance of expert instructors in every phase of the lesson; or a more complex laboratory for adults, using more sophisticated cutting and painting tools and instruments.

If, instead, you love ceramics, GLESUS will bring you to learn the methods used in creating ceramic objects, a relaxing and creative activity suitable for a range of ages. You will be taught how to model your own cups, plates, vases or other objects made of terracotta; or, if you are more interested in the final stages of their creation, you may take ceramic objects ready for decorating and learn the techniques for selecting, mixing, and applying colors to them.

Connected to this very unique mosaic and ceramic laboratory is a delightful caffè, the perfect place, if you so desire, following your two-hour mosaic or ceramic laboratory, to savor a delicious and complete full-course, freshly prepared hot lunch; or, if you like, you may enjoy a simple but tasty afternoon snack, featuring selected cheeses, various types of meats and cold cuts, accompanied by two varieties of wines, typical to this region.

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be given a certificate attesting their having completed the laboratory. They will also be able to bring home the objects created during the course.