Gastronomic Experiences

Italy and food are one and the same; completely inseparable!  In Italy, eating is not just about satisfying one’s appetite but a true cult whose enjoyment is determined not only by the palate but by the visual and olfactory pleasures which it arouses. It is no wonder that Italian cuisine is considered the best in the world. Any Italian will be happy to spend a few hours with you in a conversation about what an incomparable tomato sauce his mother cooks, the difference between Neapolitan pizza as compared to Roman pizza or the best way to prepare espresso coffee. This love for food and everything which has to do with the culture surrounding the preparation and enjoyment of dining explains the infinite variety of dishes and products, varying from region to region. 

Whatever your reason for wishing to take a journey in search of the gastronomic traditions of Italy, GLESUS is able to organize a custom-made gastronomic tour designed according to your tastes and objectives. From the most basic day trips to tiny countryside gems where you will taste local, traditional specialties; to wine tasting in the comfort of a privately rented villa, to dinners at exclusive restaurants which are able to offer a comprehensive selection of delicious specialties prepared with the freshest seasonal produce supplied them directly by local agricultural cultivators, to culinary lessons led by expert Italian chefs and which are guaranteed to impress your family and guests once you return home.

Every ingredient for discovering new flavors and aromas, learn Italy’s most appetizing secrets, and enter into the fascinating world of Italian gastronomy!

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