For fans of forest walks who wish to see firsthand where truffles grow and how they are hunted, GLESUS organizes a hunting excursion for this valuable mushroom—deemed the most costly food in the world. Truffles do not grow like normal mushrooms; they grow under the ground and for this reason need to be hunted for. They are unearthed thanks to specially trained dogs whose keen sense of smell detects the presence of truffles, hidden underground. You will embark upon a fascinating walk through the forest, led by an expert truffle hunters and his faithful dog. You will learn about the different types of “black diamond cooking”, its seasonality, the method of dog training and more.

Truffle hunting excursions may be arranged at any time of the year, autumn being the most bountiful season for finding very the valuable white truffle. In Italy, truffles grow in Piedmont, Tuscany, Umbria and Marche. This exciting activity is best suited to individual clients and small groups, but may be offered to a larger number of participants, divided into smaller groups, thus making it possible for everyone to see the dogs in actions. Following your truffle hunt, you will be taken to visit a nearby cantina for a glass of wine accompanied by the tasting of truffle-based products. Delve into the fascinating world of truffles with GLESUS!