GLESUS was founded relatively recently – in 2008 – but has already gained the trust of customers and companies alike, quickly putting our name high on the list of reputable Tour Operators. Our boundless and unparalleled sense of creativity, as well as a personalized approach in satisfying the requests of every client, together with an established and reliable network professionals and suppliers, are all elements which guarantee the smooth running of every phase and every aspect of our quality trips, the hallmark of our name.

Operating in Italy, with a hands-on familiarity of Italian culture, language and mentality, our being “on location” gives us an edge in offering quality and unsurpassed professional expertise, constantly kept up-to-date. This means that we are able to propose destinations and experiences which many agencies operating outside of Italy have not even heard of.

Italy is, for us, not just a trademark but our second home. We know first-hand what it means to be a visitor in a foreign country and it is this spirit which allows us a unique advantage in knowing how to meet the needs and expectations of our clients, ensuring the utmost in comfort, authenticity and quality in every service and product offered. Our staff, on call 24 -hours a day to assist you, is expertly prepared to answer your questions and respond to your needs. You will always receive a response of a person, not a taped telephone message nor the passing of numerous hands and intermediaries before being resolved.

Our team of professionals, experts in the organization of private holiday vacations for couples, families with children, corporate travel and original weddings and celebrations ,will select together with you the most suitable itinerary at comparable prices and offering exemplary quality. To make Italy yours!

Welcome to Italy !

Svetlana Krasnova
CEO & Founder

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