Our famous Wine Tours

Italy – the birthplace of Brunello, Barolo, Amarone. Where else but in Italy could tasty Limoncello, or sparkling Prosecco be produced?! No visit to Italy would be complete without enjoying these not-to-be-missed Italian delights which you will certainly not want to pass up! Italian wines are, of course, famous all over the world and each year they are conferred prestigious awards, granting them world-wide recognition as well as making their presence in wine cellars the pride of collectors. Have you ever, while sipping a glass of excellent wine, thought about exactly what is behind such rich taste and fragrance? Have you stopped to consider which land nourished the vine, which wind ruffled her leaves under just the right sunlight, making the vines flourish with amber grapes, what phases of workmanship are involved and the persons behind every bottle of Italian wine, well before it reaches your table?

All this and much more will be explained and demonstrated to you during our organized wine tours of Italy. GLESUS offers both monothematic tours, during which you will be able to compare one type of wine produced by several different manufacturers, and feel just like a winemaker who is able to distinguish the difference in various wines; as well as regional tours showing how different types of soil produce distinctly different wines bearing their own imprint and characteristics for each region, according to its particular climate and geographic location and whose result is also influenced by cultural heritage and centuries-old traditions passed down from generation to generation.