Architect of wine

Italy has long earned a worldwide reputation for its wines, a variety of which are the envy of any country. Millions of fans of Italian wine visit local wineries every year, where they can try their favorite Chianti, Brunello, Barolo, and more, right on the spot of production and buy precious bottles at more attractive prices than could be found at the supermarket or liquor supplier. But that’s not all: an aesthetic aspect of the wineries themselves also plays an important role in the visit. Therefore, in recent years more and more famous Italian wine producers have begun to invest in bio-architecture, inviting well-known architects who design “temples of wine” and adhere to zero-impact construction, reducing their impact on the environment. At such structures, art and wine go hand-in-hand, making a true masterpiece of modern architecture that is on-par with the quality of the wines produced. We invite you to join us on a visit to these unique and exciting structures that will forever change your view of wine cellars.

This tour is ideal for architecture fans who want to witness innovative, interesting architectural designs, and for wine lovers who are ready to move away from the stereotype of classical wine cellars. In any case, this tour can be accompaniment by an architect who specializes in bio-architecture.

All wine cellars we have considered for this tour are in Tuscany, partially at its east border and partially on its western coast, plus one in Umbria, which is close to Tuscany. Depending on the number of days at your disposition, you could visit all the cellars of our tour or only some of them. Upon your request, we will send you a short description and pictures of the wine cellars so that you could choose which of them you are most interested in visiting.