Gastronomic tours of Umbria

Umbria is Italy’s green heart, the center of positive-energy for the soul. Here in this spectacular setting, often neglect by tourists, one is sure to find the most natural balsam simply by plunging into its particular and uniquely relaxing atmosphere, a perfect place to disconnect from everyday high-speed life; leave stress behind and forget about constantly ringing telephones. You will immediately blend into a harmonious sensation provided by Umbria’s unspoiled, refreshing green scenery, a real gem among Italy’s landscapes. Not only its uncontaminated nature and clean air but also its delicious cuisine which, at first glance, may seem simple but actually well cared for with its long and faithfully honored traditions, making Umbria’s contribution to Italian cuisine the winning component to this gastronomic journey. In Umbria you will sip the finest wines, local cheeses, and learn to create culinary masterpieces worthy of even the best Italian chef; even hunt for truffles and explore the fabulous towns of this best-kept-secret and very special region.