Black Magic Chocolate tours

Unique tours for chocolate lovers, “food of the gods” as this refined product was deservedly called when introduced into Europe by no other than the great Christopher Columbus. GLESUS invites you to plunge into a world of intense aromas and captivating flavors where your journey will be a pleasure for all five senses. First, taste: you will taste the best chocolates with particular combinations of flavors such as rich liquors or the woodiness of cigars, where the particles of such an unexpected myriad of flavors explode in unison and become a single symphony of flavor, creating unimaginable sensations which arrive directly to the brain, able to generate sensations of well-being and euphoria. Second, the sense of smell: we will bring you to the real temple of chocolate, with its soaked magical and intoxicating aromas which will provoke unforgettable sensations. Third, vision: you see the mountains of shiny chocolate, in shimmering shades of brown, from pale beige to almost black. You will see fancy chocolate figurines created by the genius of the masters, the alchemists of chocolate. Fourth, the sense of touch: you will feel the velvety texture of chocolate on your fingertips and luxuriate in the smoothness of a dense mass movement guided by the expert hands of professional masseurs. Chocolate inside and outside of you, total immersion. Fifth, hearing: the rustle of crisp wrappers, a clear sound of a chocolate bar breaking under the delicate pressure of your fingers, sensual and strong, preparing you for what is awaiting you, ready to intoxicate you… I am sure you’re your sixth sense you have already guessed that these tours are for you!