Turin, the city of chocolate

If you were to ask any Italian what is the chocolate city of Italy, they would not hesitate with their united response: Turin. It was here where gianduiotti, cremins, and truffles were made famous, here where you will find the largest concentration of world-class manufacturers of chocolate, and it is here where chocolate became fashionable at the royal court of Savoy, which created a cult of it, inventing a unique coffee drink known as “bicerin” – a mix of cappuccino and hot chocolate. It is enough to stroll through the elegant San Carlo Piazza, with its historic cafes inviting you to enter thanks to their tempting window displays of mountains of delicious chocolate to realize that you are in a chocolate paradise.

On our chocolate tour of Turin, you will be plunged into the unique historic atmosphere of the reign of the royal court of Savoy. Not only will you walk through the historic center, which is called the Italian Paris, but you will also visit the the cafe of the royal palace, which exhibits beautiful tea and coffee sets and where you will get to enjoy a real royal snack – bicerin and historic royal sweets. Of course, while walking through Piazza San Carlo you can’t help but notice the tempting display windows of the chocolate shops and cafes, whose assortments of particolar chocolates make it impossibile to resist entering to buy their specialties! All this, along with the entertaining tales of our guide, who tells interesting stories and anecdotes of the royal court, will make this “delicious” tour even more original.