Roman beer

Italy is known as a producer of high quality wines, many of which are famous throughout the world. Few people, however, associate Italy with beer, correlating the drink with Germany or the Czech Republic. It is a little known fact that the history of the production of home-brewed beer is closely intertwined with ancient Rome and other early civilizations, making beer the first alcoholic beverage in history. Some wealthy Roman families, including the Emperor Nero, had their own private beer production in their villas, preferring it to wine.

Centuries passed, and wine production in Italy firmly took hold, but supporters of beer remained, and continued to produce this drink, following ancient traditions and adhering to antique recipes. There are actually numerous beers still produced in Italy and sold only in specialized shops and bars – both in Italy and abroad – thus offering a very high quality beer to enjoy for those who know where to find these valuable bottles.

GLESUS invites you on a visit to one such beer factory, whose production plant is – as strange as it may seem – located just outside Rome, in the ancient port city of Ostia, where maritime Roman ships took sail to and from every corner of the old world with their holds full of a variety of products. From the outside, the beer factory appears to be an ordinary hangar, but once you enter, a whole world will open up in front of your eyes: a world of smells, tastes, and an abounding energy stemming from the constant challenge of searching for new ideas, as well as the enthusiasm of the persons who love their work of producing quality beers. It is no wonder a heart is embossed on the caps of the beer bottles! In this two-hour visit you will not only learn all the secrets of producing and distinguishing excellent, high quality beers, but you will also be given explanations as to why it is so important to keep constant control of the production process during every phase of fermentation. You will also see first-hand the entire production cycle, from the cultivating of hops, to its transformation into this delicious, thirst-quenching beverage. Of course, you will then have the pleasure of taking part in the tasting of four selected varieties of Italian-produced beer, two of which will vary according to the season, including beers with innovative and particular yet subtle flavors such as chestnut, artichoke and other seasonal products whose flavors are compatible with beer.

Following the beer-tasting which will be accompanied by some tasty appetizers, you will have an opportunity to make a fascinating visit to the archaeological park of ancient Ostia, where you will visit the ruins and learn about the unusual culinary habits of the ancient Romans, their lives in the port city, and much more. Should you work up an appetite and want to have lunch on the shore of the sea, any one of a number of lovely seaside restaurants will be happy to open its doors to welcome you. And, by the way, who says that fresh, marine fish cannot be eaten with beer ?!