In beautiful Renaissance Florence, famous for the masterpieces of Michelangelo, Botticelli and Giotto, GLESUS takes you one step closer into the world of art where you will have a hands-on experience in the fascinating wonders of artistic expression with this very unique art laboratory.

These two-hour workshops, designed for children ages 7 – 13 and specialized in teaching the principles of your choice of watercolor, fresco, clay sculpture, mosaic, or hand puppet-making techniques, are not limited to the laboratory workshop but extend outdoors into some of Florence’s most charming and inspiring squares. Whether you prefer to learn or perfect your water painting skills, try your hand at recreating traditional, antique stems, fabricate a mosaic, or create a brightly expressive puppet made out of vibrantly colored recycled materials such as paper, cardboard boxes or plastic bottles, this captivating workshop is guaranteed to bring out the Michelangelo hidden in your child!