Pizza cooking class in Rome

What could be more exciting for a child than to spend a fun-filled couple of hours putting their hands into pizza dough? A real lesson on making pizza in a real pizzeria with real flour, salt, and water – the result being real pizza dough! Onto the pizza peel and into the wood-heated oven; covered with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil, Italy’s most famous pizza is ready in the colors of the Italian flag. And it tastes just as good as it looks! Buon appetito!

The Italian pizza making lesson lasts approximately 1 hour and is conducted in an Italian pizzeria under the guidance of a pizzaiolo, an Italian pizza chef. Children participating in the lesson will each receive aprons and have the opportunity to knead the dough with their own hands and trim the pizza, readying it for the oven.

The pizza lessons begin either mid- morning (11,30), just in time for the pizza to be taken out of the oven and be served to the children for lunch; or in the late afternoon, where the pizza will be offered to the children as a snack.

Prior to the morning pizza lesson, if desired, you may participate in our Market Tour, a visit to an open-air market in a nearby square, where children will see a colorful abundance and variety of fruits and vegetables which are particular to Italy and not all of which exist in other parts of the world. There will also be a special opportunity to taste Italian olive oil, balsamic vinegar, homemade jams.

Upon request we will provide an interpreter for both visits, and, also upon request, transfer by car to and from the lesson.