Of the many symbols associated with Venice – gondolas, famous squares and bridges connecting unending canals, everyone has seen the elaborate masks adorned by Venetian carnival-goers, but not many know that in Venice the wearing of these masks is a centuries-old custom, once used by nobles as …Continue Reading →

“Murano beads”

Get ready for a fascinating trip to the island of Murano, an incredibly intriguing place, famous throughout the world for its laboratories which produce the colorful, renowned Venetian Murano glass. Here, you will watch as expert Venetian glass blowers perform this antique craft, using methods which have not changed …Continue Reading →


In beautiful Renaissance Florence, famous for the masterpieces of Michelangelo, Botticelli and Giotto, GLESUS takes you one step closer into the world of art where you will have a hands-on experience in the fascinating wonders of artistic expression with this very unique art laboratory.

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Pizza cooking class in Rome

What could be more exciting for a child than to spend a fun-filled couple of hours putting their hands into pizza dough? A real lesson on making pizza in a real pizzeria with real flour, salt, and water – the result being real pizza dough! Onto the pizza peel and into the wood-heated oven; covered with tomato sauce, …Continue Reading →

Mosaic Workshop in Rome

Adorning Roman Domus villas, important palaces, thermal spas and fountains, elaborate pavement decoration featuring mythological figures and Greek divinity, animals and even scenes from daily life, mosaics are the Roman art par excellence. Right here in Rome, GLESUS will introduce you to this marvelous art with a …Continue Reading →