“Murano beads”

Get ready for a fascinating trip to the island of Murano, an incredibly intriguing place, famous throughout the world for its laboratories which produce the colorful, renowned Venetian Murano glass. Here, you will watch as expert Venetian glass blowers perform this antique craft, using methods which have not changed in the course of centuries, heating up and transforming this liquid element, twisting and contorting it into an infinite number of shapes and designs, creating the most marvelous vases, bowls, lamps as well as charming necklaces, bracelets and other multi-colored glass articles. You may even try yourself to breathe into the glass-blowing pipes and see what happens!

In this very particular demonstration you will be shown how these delicate yet brilliant and unique objects of murano glass are designed, then put into special ovens to solidify and become the lovely objects we so admire. You will see how the colored glass is broken down into tiny pieces, to then be put into a special form thus creating a stunning Murano mosaics, perfect for tiny decorative plates and ashtrays, as well as intricate ornaments for adorning your home.

You will see just how this fabulous glass is produced and turned, on-the-spot, into beautiful, authentic objects created only in Venice. You and your children will take great pleasure in bringing home for yourselves and for your friends the bracelets, necklaces, picture frames and other colorful artifacts created by your very own hands.