Popping the Question in Italy!

Are you ready to propose marriage and wish to pop the question in a unique and original manner? We have a vast array of ideas to suit every budget. Such as the opening of a restaurant just for the two of you where, in the midst of a candle-lit table set for two, musicians will appear and play romantic music, as the waiter arrives with a platter, lifting the hood, under which is to be served … your engagement ring.

If not even the sky is your limit, where else but in a hot air balloon for two, the perfect place for your marriage proposal? Gently swaying amongst the clouds with the world at your feet, high above any one of Italy’s stupendous landscapes, asking her hand in marriage, the answer to which can only be “yes!” Upon landing there will be a chilled bucket with a bottle of champagne waiting for you, ready to pop open for your first engagement toast!

If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground but wish to announce your love and your intentions to the entire world, why not rent a plane to pass overhead with “Jennifer, I love you!” or “Linda, will you marry me?” written on a giant banner? Imagine how astonished your loved one will be while sitting at the seaside or walking around the city, to suddenly see your message. She will be surely overtaken with emotion, delighted as she throws her arms around you in utter joy. Whatever Italian destination you choose for your romantic holiday, we can arrange plane with the selected message to appear in the right place at the right time.

Should you decide on the romantic setting of Venice for asking her hand in marriage, we have a spectacular idea which will make your wedding proposal truly original. While you and your sweetie take a romantic gondola ride through Venice’s enchanting canals, our assistants –dressed in traditional Venetian costumes, if you desire– will, at the precise moment that your gondola passes under one of the many charming bridges, unroll a banner with your message – “Marry me!” or, “I love you, be my wife!” or any message you wish to give your sweetheart. At that precise moment, flower petals will be cast into the air and left to flutter onto your gondola where the two of you will overtaken by the beautiful emotions of this exquisitely romantic moment in a setting guaranteed to make your marriage proposal absolutely one-of-a-kind. To ensure that the memory of this important event remains with you forever, our professional photographer and/or videographer will immortalize every moment of this magical day, from your ride on the gondola, to your subsequent walk to the famous San Marco Square where two flutes will be awaiting you to toast your engagement in this truly enchanting setting in Italy’s most romantic city!