Hot Air Balloon Flights

If you are adventurous and seeking new and unique emotions guaranteed to make your adrenalin flow, the magic of a flight in a hot air balloon is definitely for you! A thrilling way to experience a sensation of weightlessness as the land gradually moves away from under your feet, raising you into the atmosphere, …Continue Reading →

Journey into the world of smells

All of our lives are filled with scents. Many of these are able to provide special, lasting impressions remaining in our memories and able to evoke pleasant images from the past, full of emotion. We would like to offer you a journey into such a world, full of tantalizing scents created by a skilled perfumer in Florence. …Continue Reading →

Roman Holiday on a Vintage Vespa

We all love the modernity of today’s world, but who wouldn’t love to step back, even just for a day, into the romantic ‘50’s ? You can do exactly this by seeing Rome from the seat of a Vintage Vespa, in the care of expert drivers so you can just relax and enjoy the ride! The same motor scooter driven by Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn  …Continue Reading →