Hot Air Balloon Flights

If you are adventurous and seeking new and unique emotions guaranteed to make your adrenalin flow, the magic of a flight in a hot air balloon is definitely for you! A thrilling way to experience a sensation of weightlessness as the land gradually moves away from under your feet, raising you into the atmosphere, allowing you to take in the beauty of the landscape below from a new, unexplored perspective. Caressed by the wind and embraced by the silence of the atmosphere, your privileged position will give you a unique opportunity for picture taking while being literally taken away by the dazzling sensation of floating mid-air.

GLESUS offers flights in multi-colored hot-air balloons carried by the air above the valleys, vineyards, cities and villages, seas and lakes, under the expert guidance of a professional pilot. To make yours a romantic flight, perfect for making your declaration of love or to celebrate an anniversary, you may wish to order a celebrative basket just for two, containing, for example, Italian sparkling spumante wine for toasting to your loved one during your special flight.

Hot air balloon flights are carried out at dawn throughout the year, and just before sunset during summer months, in the location of your choice anywhere in Italy. Waiting for you after landing will be a toast with champagne and a picnic in the best of local traditions, featuring smoked meats, cheeses and fine pastries. You will also be awarded a diploma certifying your having completed a flight in a balloon!
Treat yourself to an adventure in the air!