Italian Cooking Lessons

After a full day of sight-seeing and excursions, the moment most travelers to Italy yearn for is that in which he or she can finally sit down to dinner and enjoy the unparalleled culinary delights Italy is famous for; plates which often wind up being photographed before being heartily devoured. But, once you …Continue Reading →


For fans of forest walks who wish to see firsthand where truffles grow and how they are hunted, GLESUS organizes a hunting excursion for this valuable mushroom—deemed the most costly food in the world. Truffles do not grow like normal mushrooms; they grow under the ground and for this reason need to be hunted …Continue Reading →

Roman beer

Italy is known as a producer of high quality wines, many of which are famous throughout the world. Few people, however, associate Italy with beer, correlating the drink with Germany or the Czech Republic. It is a little known fact that the history of the production of home-brewed beer is closely intertwined with …Continue Reading →

Pizza cooking class in Rome

What could be more exciting for a child than to spend a fun-filled couple of hours putting their hands into pizza dough? A real lesson on making pizza in a real pizzeria with real flour, salt, and water – the result being real pizza dough! Onto the pizza peel and into the wood-heated oven; covered with tomato sauce, …Continue Reading →

Cooking Course in Venice

The fascination of Venice lies in its romantic canals and famous squares, connected by enchanting bridges and historic, noble palaces adorning its waterfront. Having taken in the outer beauty of Venice, let GLESUS take you to an insider’s, hidden view of Venice, where you will have a hands-on experience in the behind- …Continue Reading →