Romantic Italy

Italy – the name itself evokes romance, passion, and emotion. Where else, but from Italy, could Romeo and Juliet have been? What love story is more eternal than that of Dante and Beatrice? Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni… legendary icons which spell “Italian” in their every word, gesture, and style! Books, films and paparazzi-photos make Italy overflowing with images of love, desire and romance. Even the sound of the beautiful Italian language is so melodious that even the most simple word or phrase is a poetic delight to the ears. Sole, mare, amore… The relaxing Italian atmosphere is what inspires writers and artists to create the most stunning works; providing actors and directors with the most stunning settings for the making of timeless films; all of this offering travelers fabulous memories. Italy – a country where everything will make you think about love, talk about love, breathe about love. If you decide you want to be a part of this romantic atmosphere, whether that means celebrating a wedding, an anniversary or anyspecial date, or simply take the most romantic trip of your life, Italy is most certainly your best choice!

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