Honeymoon in Italy

If you dream of a fabulous honeymoon in a romantic country where you can combine a seaside holiday with interesting cultural excursions, gastronomic and wine tastings, and awe-inspiring photo shoots of enchanting landscapes, well, Italy is the obvious choice for you! This beautiful country offers such a diversity of destinations, activities, and attractions, making it the ideal setting for newlyweds wishing to choose the perfect location to spend their honeymoon. If your idea of a relaxing honeymoon is basking on the sandy shores of the emerald Mediterranean sea, we can offer you the most romantic hotels in Sardinia and Sicily. If you dream of taking a drive in a convertible throughout the golden winding Italian roads bursting with picturesque landscapes, the countrysides of Tuscany, Umbria and the Amalfi Coast will be the best site for you. If you crave a touch of history and wish to see great works of art and famous masterpieces, we know exactly which principal Italian cities will provide the settings where you will be immersed in cultural splendor. If your ideal honeymoon is to feel at home and in the comfort and coziness where you may spend intimate evenings in conversation over a glass of Italy’s excellent wine, tasting appetizing local dishes, any one of a wide variety of agritourisms and private estates, scattered in the most exclusive corners of Italy, will be happy to open its doors and welcome you.

GLESUS is able to organize your honeymoon in Italy, from A to Z, tending to every detail in order to make yours a worry-free wedding holiday. We are experts in creating the romantic touches and atmosphere you are seeking, whether that include a candlelit dinner, a welcome gift of spa treatments for couples, and so much more, to make yours an unforgettably romantic honeymoon in Italy.