Incentives & Team Building

The most efficient and proven route towards rewarding employees, improving productivity and increasing staff motivation, Incentive trips and Team Building are the perfect way to achieve positive results which distinguish companies which recognize the value of reinforcing employee morale, certain to benefit client relations and make the difference in your company’s bottom line, a determining factor in your company’s enduring, long-term success.

GLESUS is your perfect partner for creating, planning and organizing your company’s incentive tour to Italy. With our creative approach and professional expertise, we know how to individuate the most original settings for carrying out exciting yet challenging and unique Team Building activities which with favorably affect the level of your staff’s performance.

Our goal is to create an individualized program for each client, taking into account its specific needs and characteristics, such as age range, gender, and predominant interests –whether that be art, gastronomy, or adrenaline-raising sports or team games – while setting a precise and well-targeted objective; all criteria for a successful incentive trip, sure to enhance the synergy of your staff, fundamental to your company in producing enduring results.