Villa “Sole” 6 bedrooms

Surrounded by the endless greenery of its lovely, multi-level gardens abounding with flowers and lemon trees, is the romantic “Villa Sole”. A continental breakfast is awaiting you on its sunny terrace; as is lunch, or dinner, in the best Italian tradition. The villa is located on a hilltop directly looking over the sea and …Continue Reading →

Italian Cooking Lessons

After a full day of sight-seeing and excursions, the moment most travelers to Italy yearn for is that in which he or she can finally sit down to dinner and enjoy the unparalleled culinary delights Italy is famous for; plates which often wind up being photographed before being heartily devoured. But, once you …Continue Reading →


Forte dei Marmi, an exclusive, charming village along the Tuscan sea coast, was made famous by the great Michelangelo Buonarroti who worked there thanks to the region’s rich supply of Carrara marble, the most beautiful of its kind and with which he made his spectacular sculptures. In fact, the town’s famous street “Via …Continue Reading →

Meetings & Conferences

In Italy, an increasing number of congresses and exhibitions of international importance are held each year, attracting delegates from all over the world. GLESUS has worked with international corporations and delegations and our proven track record in realizing a vast range of company events is your guarantee of …Continue Reading →

Incentives & Team Building

The most efficient and proven route towards rewarding employees, improving productivity and increasing staff motivation, Incentive trips and Team Building are the perfect way to achieve positive results which distinguish companies which recognize the value of reinforcing employee morale, certain to benefit …Continue Reading →


Corporate events are the ideal means of gathering your employees in an pleasant and informal atmosphere. Commemorating the anniversary of your company or other important corporate events such as the successful completion of a major project, receiving a prestigious award, or simply …Continue Reading →

Group Travel with children

For several years now, GLESUS has successfully organized group theme tours in Italy, featuring locations and activities especially geared towards families and their children. Each year we host week-long tours, with well-established itineraries and activities, for example, two different types of programs with …Continue Reading →

Holidays with children

Our children – our little treasures! All parents will agree that the success of a trip is directly related to the child’s comfort and happiness.  We want children to be cheerful and laughing, to open their eyes with surprise and delight in the morning, and happily -even if sleepily – drifting into a contended sleep in the evening, …Continue Reading →

Hot Air Balloon Flights

If you are adventurous and seeking new and unique emotions guaranteed to make your adrenalin flow, the magic of a flight in a hot air balloon is definitely for you! A thrilling way to experience a sensation of weightlessness as the land gradually moves away from under your feet, raising you into the atmosphere, …Continue Reading →

Laboratories for children

While visiting Italy, your children will be happy listening not only to interesting stories and exploring new places, but will be challenged and fascinated by being able to have a hands-on opportunity to put themselves to the test, to better themselves by trying something new, unusual, and typically Italian, which they will be …Continue Reading →